We are dedicated to providing compassionate end of life care for patients in the comfort of the place they call home. We understand that this stage may be difficult, and our aim to provide support to the patient AND the family members including caregivers as they transition to a different type of care.

Comfort Choice Hospice strives to provide an individualized Plan of Care with your active involvement. You are empowered in making the decisions, and we will work with you together with the rest of the hospice team in ensuring that you get the quality care and service that you deserve.

elderly care

Our hospice team which includes nurses, hospice aides, chaplains, social workers is well trained in times of crisis management. They will be providing you with an enormous passion for hospice and palliative care and qualified commitment to patients with the end of life symptoms.

Our philosophy is patient-oriented. We are advocates for patients and families to give you a wider range of options for care.